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Push Fit Pipes

Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL)

Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) is a method to verify the structural integrity of drilled shafts and other concrete piles. The CSL method is considered to be more accurate than sonic echo testing in the determination of structural soundness of concrete with in the drilled shaft inside of the rebar cage.


An ultrasonic wave is sent from a transmitter to a receiver pulled through water filled tubes embedded in the contract pile. The measured arrival time and energy are strongly dependant on the concrete quality. This method is widely used for more than 30 year. Practical and economical for deep foundation integrity testing.

Product Features :

CIC PUSH-FIT-PIPE is a thin steel tube available in different diameters with end enlarged in a bell mouth shape.

The bell mouth makes the connection between two tubes easier than other standard methods and eliminates the cost of labor.

Assembly of tubes by PUSH-FIT concept ensures a concrete tight joint that will maintain the pipe integrity. CIC PUSH-FIT-PIPE integrates components such as fixing ears, a PUSH-FIT mark. a bell mouth with joint rubber gasket and a rubber end cap which can reinforced with a welded steel plate to prevent the entry of foreign materials.